Finest Roseland fish, shellfish, farm & garden produce



Simon has been involved in commercial fishing, fish farming and processing for nearly fifty years - fishing here on the Roseland for lobsters and crabs for over twenty five of those.

While shellfish has always been the mainstay of Curgurrell Farm Shop, William and Tom also fish for dover sole, turbot, brill, monkfish, red mullet and sardines. Also, along with Ben, they handline for bass, pollack and mackerel.

The boats go out most days, when the weather allows, so the freshest fish and shellfish are always available.



As well as fishing and helping to run the Farm Shop, William and Robyn run their own flock of Dorset sheep, lambing in the spring and autumn. They also keep free range Cornish Black pigs and manage the Curgurrell herd of pedigree South Devon cattle.

Our South Devons, the largest native breed of cattle,  are a familiar sight here on the coast at Curgurrell, Pendower and at Melinsey near Veryan. 
The heavily marbled meat from these magnificent light brown cattle is considered to be in a class of its own.

Curgurrell beef, pork and lamb and home-produced free range eggs are always available from the Farm Shop, as well as our increasingly popular meat boxes.



Curgurrell’s spectacular Walled Garden produces quantities of pears, apples, Kea plums and soft fruit.

Thanks to our unique location and climate, we are also one of the few commercial UK growers of citrus fruit, specialising in Meyer lemons and limes. These are all available at the Shop either freshly picked in season, or made into fruit juice, jams and preserves.



We grow a variety of salad vegetables, asparagus, beans, courgettes, tomatoes and rhubarb on the Farm.

Throughout the season, we also stock local strawberries from the Boddingtons in Mevagissey, Tregassow asparagus, and Cornish first early potatoes from the far west.
The Shop also sells Cornish bread, Cornish cheeses, butter and cream, Bosue and Polgoon wine and cider and Cornish beers.